Saturday, 14 March 2015

Could this be it?

I am sat here all in a flurry, feeling all sorts of odd emotions and sensations.  I am excited, uplifted and actually feeling genuinely happy, and this feeling has not left me.

I came back from my weekend away with old friends, feeling very calm and at peace with myself, I think I had truly relaxed the whole time, and had no agenda other than to drink, smoke, eat, chat and laugh.  And that is just what I did, I didn't really do too much eating, I certainly could have drank more, but I was happy and at ease, something I haven't felt for a long time.

So my mood has been somewhat lifted all week, I even posted a brief message on Facebook, wondering who would be the first person to wind me up; but so far that has not happened.  So I have had a pretty good week, generally just feeling so much better about myself, and where I am at in life.

I knew I had to get things moving properly, ready for my new life, starting with finding somewhere to live, that would accept a cat and a small dog.  I had been tentatively looking online, and drove around areas I liked, but for some reason on Friday morning, I got in my car and it pointed me in the direction of the estate agents.

After visiting several agents, who all said the same thing, "Sorry no dogs", I was beginning to panic a little.  No way am I going to be parted from my little kitty or my pooch, I figured it would be difficult, but it was the way most of them just dismissed me, having the 'there's no way, no how', or 'don't call us, we'll call you', attitude.  But nevertheless, I persevered and crossed the road, which also seem to change my luck.

The first agent I went into, I said straight out that I had pets, and I was met with a positive response.  Someone was smiling down on me yesterday, because they had a flat, with a tenant waiting for a replacement so he could leave.  So I went round and had a look, and it would seem that I have found me little gem!  It's an old converted house, with all the high ceilings, original features and fireplaces, with a garden and parking to boot.  But better still, I have fairly free licence to do things, so I have me a little project as well.  It ticked so many boxes, and it felt right, it felt like it could be 'home'.

So today, I went back for a second visit, this time with a friend.  I didn't say anything about it beforehand, as I wanted to know if she saw what I saw, and she did.  I had my doubts as after all it was the first and only place I had looked at, but then that's what happened with this house.

So I am pleased to say, that I have found my new home and I can keep my little family together!

Looks like I am finally on my way...  Sx :)