Friday, 16 September 2011

Keeping pace with pain support group

Yesterday, I attended a keeping pace with pain group at St Andrews Church in Southampton.  It had been suggested by my key worker, that I might find it beneficial in some way.  So I trundled along not really knowing what to expect, and I am really pleased that I did.  I was made to feel so welcome, and they were all very friendly people.  This session had a speaker- Fran Hodgson, who was a yoga teacher, in a wheel chair.  At first I thought we would be doing stretching exercises, but instead we were chanting, but they were sung rather than spoken; fortunately I found my voice!  It was a real eye-opener!  The whole experience was so uplifting, and I felt really good afterwards.  They only meet once a month, and each session they do something different.  Every person there suffered from chronic pain in one way or another, but the time was not spent talking about it, which was really refreshing.  I will definitely go again!