Thursday, 22 January 2015

Are we there yet?

All day, I have had trouble with a little smile that's been creeping up on my face, I can't seem to control it, it just comes and goes as it wishes!

A part of me is finding it hard to conceal my joy, for having sold this house, but yet my heart is still doubtful and heavy as it has gone wrong before.

Inside of me, things have changed, I suddenly don't feel under so much pressure anymore, as if something has loosened it's grip.

I think, I am starting to feel happiness again.  But I am still so fearful, that it is all a little too soon.  It has felt good to have that smile today, even though a little strange, as I kept catching myself at it.  My mind must have been temporarily lost or elsewhere, completely free of negative thoughts, for that smile to just appear.

It has given me cause to think back to the last time,  that I actually felt like this.  Like things were starting to go right again, or were falling in to place.  It's been so long, I almost feel uncomfortable with the idea, because I am not used to this.

But my little smile, has kept on lifting me today, and I can't deny it!  Sx