Thursday, 22 January 2015


Every now and then, I am brought back to this reminder of who I am.  Something I wrote a very long time ago, that is still so relevant to me now.  Sx

The New Woman 

It’s a brand new day
And a brand new life for me!
No more turning back the pages
To repeat an episode
That I have already played.

I can never be the person
That you want me to be
So love me for who I am
And what I hope to be
I can’t rectify my past mistakes
Or pretend that they were never made

I will give no more of me
Than you give to me
I do not need promises
As I shall make none
Promises are made to be broken
As dreams are made to bend and stretch

I will ask no more of you
Than you ask of me
Say, as you will
And do, as you will
For I shall expect to do the same

Come not to me for soothing
Unless you can return the same favour
After all, we are only human
And life is no easier
If we burden each other.