Tuesday, 20 January 2015

At last...

Today, I think I can safely say we have sold our house, our buyers have already booked to have their survey carried out, in a couple of days.

I am still not sure how I feel about it.  I know that I am excited, but somehow I am holding back on my jubilation, just in case it all goes 'tits up' again.  But, I should feel reassured, as they are putting their money where their mouth is; but until all that is done I am finding it hard to really express my joy.

It is really the best news I could have hoped for, I have been quietly praying for this for some time now.

It means that at last, I can finally move on and start my new life, which I have been desperate to start for well over a year.

It means that I can finally start to breathe again, knowing that peace will once again reside in my tortured soul.

It means that I can finally start to formulate plans on where I am going with my life.  I am looking forward to building my new nest, I have been out window shopping so many times and seen so many lovely things, but have kept my hands deeply inside my pockets.

It means I can start a new history, leaving this unhappy one behind.

It means, that at last I will have a space to call mine again, that I can fill with all things pretty.

It means, that at last I will no longer have to look daily at a face, that has bore me such pain.

It means that at last, I can live a life without someone else's baggage, constantly dragging me down.

It means at last, I will be free to spread my wings and fly.

It means at last, I can be me again.  Sx