Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Old friends, are the best friends!

I whiled away some time this afternoon, catching up with a dear old friend, and we laughed just like we did when we were young. My goodness, how different life was back then... when we were wild and free, unburdened by the load we carry today.

Many births, deaths and marriages have occurred in our life times, and yet we still remain fundamentally the same, still with new dreams, hopes and aspirations.  Maybe we're a bit broken and beaten by time, but essentially we're still the same.

Recently, I have been catching up with another dear friend, who is now in America.  It's been years since I have seen her, and we have both been remiss about our contact with each other in that time; but lately we have got our act together and now talk every few days through Facebook, rather than every few years.  And again, essentially, we are still the same, almost unchanged.  I have seen her on Skype, but what she doesn't perhaps realise is that I see her as her younger self, so when she talks about ageing, I don't really see it, so she is forever young in my eyes.  I hope that, that works the other way round as well!!

With these particular friends, for nearly 20 years, we never played a huge part in each others lives, but even during our dormant times, they still frequently came to mind.  They were not people, that I could ever forget, they were far too important to me.  And now, bit by bit they are awakening good memories, that have long since been forgotten or suppressed.

It's comforting to be reminded, that they were with me for the first part of my journey, and are now returned to me for the latter part. I am so glad that once again they are a real part of my life, I am truly thankful for that.  Sx