Friday, 13 February 2015

Just what I didn't need...

I am pleased to say that I received a phone call  from the TB Nurse this morning, confirming that I do not have TB, but I am however, suffering with an inflammation of some kind.   I wasn't surprised that I didn't have TB, but I know that I still have a cough, that has so far lasted for 3 and a half month, in spite of antibiotics, so it's back to the doctors I go!

I then had an appointment with a rheumatologist this morning, a bit of cock up really, because I should have seen my consultant.  Nevertheless, I gleaned some information which has knocked me back a bit.

I am very in tune with my body, and how it behaves or reacts to different things, this I think is mainly due to the plethora of prescribed drugs I have taken over the years.  It is something I can't help doing, and when I experience new symptoms or have old ones worsen, I am very quick to respond.

Just as an example, when it comes to food and drink I am very sensitive, and usually know within a few minutes if something is going to agree with me or not.  Most times, it doesn't even get in my mouth for me to taste it, before I've made that decision.  I have become so used to abstaining from things, rather than take the risk, because the consequences of ignoring my better judgement, are from pleasant.  It's pretty much the same rule of thumb for taking meds, I usually know when something isn't right.  So when it comes to feeling new pains etc, I am the first to insist on getting things checked out, rather than assume that it's down to my Fibromyalgia.

But anyhow, I have digressed a little but I just wanted to explain how it is that I have become so in-tuned.  So, back to the appointment, this should have been a referral back to the guy that diagnosed me, as a follow-up 3 years later.   I have always had lower back problems, but 2 years ago, I suffered with a bout of sciatica, which I will gladly admit was the most excruciatingly painful experience, that I've ever had.  As part that bout, which took many, many months to get over, I also suffered with extreme sensitivity, pins & needles and numbness, in my legs below the knee, particularly the left one.  That discomfort has reduced, but has never really left, it just became about bearable for me.  That episode really set me back, and it took until last year October, before I was steady enough and able to walk again, without that sciatic pain.  I was even able to take my dog out for short walks again.

I was then involved in a car accident on Nov 5th 2014, where some kind third party, wrote my car off by 'T' boning me.  Since then, I've had real problems with my neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, legs and feet, this is the flare up I am still having, which I have mentioned in other posts.  So basically, some 3 and a half months later, I am still suffering from the impact of that accident.  Though I walked away without cuts, bruises or broken bones, as I explained to medics, that was just the start of things, because I was feeling the damage inside.  My body had taken a huge blow, that literally knocked me sideways.

Again I have digressed, there ares so many thoughts in my head at this moment in time, I am finding it difficult, so please bear with me.  The appointment this morning, which should have been a waste of time, ended up enlightening me instead.  The reason for this, is that I had previously seen one of
the doctors' colleagues, to get the results of an MIR scan of my lower back a couple of months back.  I was told that the scan showed some degeneration in my spine, however, I didn't get a real explanation of what the results actually meant, in regards to my problems. Today it all became clear.

All this time, I have been saying that some of the pains in my lower half weren't just down to Fibromyalgia, I just knew it was different.  Today, I have been told that 3 of the disks in my lower back, have become compressed and are touching the nerves surrounding that area, and in turn affects the lower back and legs all the way down to the feet.

Part of me feels that I should feel happy, because I was right.  But then part of me thinks, "shit", that's something else to add to my portfolio.   I asked if this problem would get worse, and I was reassured that this probably wouldn't happen, so I am thankful for that.

It is unfortunate that I also have a similar problem in my upper back, which was picked up a few years back on another MRI scan.  Sadly for me, both these areas have been made worse by accidents, the first being on holiday in Egypt, where my husband hit me full impact by coming down a flume, too soon behind me, and then the second being the car crash last year.   On both occasions neither party is/was aware of the true damage they have done to me.

I feel so angry, and yet I am overwhelmed with acceptance.  Sx